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O’Fallon Newborn Photographer | 10 Days Young!

This morning I captured the most adorable infant girl at her house just in time for Easter! It may have been rainy and cloudy, but baby Ava really brightened the day. She only made ONE mess on her parents, which I thought was pretty impressive. Her parents got a bit more sleep than usual the night before Ava’s newborn portrait session, but that also meant that her schedule (is there such a thing at the age of 10 days?) was a bit off and she was wanting to eat much more than usual. I think it’s actually a great thing for the family though, as that means that perhaps they’ll be a bit more rested with longer stretches of sleep at night. We can only hope! Enjoy the sneak peek. Just one for now…more to come later!

St. Louis Infant Girl in an egg basket.

Athens, Georgia |