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Four Day Sweetness!

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with this sweet four day old infant boy with his loving family in St. Louis for their newborn portrait session. This lil’ one is so lucky to be surrounded by such proud, loving and excited family members. The energy in the house was so joyous. Mr. H isn’t a week old yet, but was very alert and curious about his surroundings. He was especially attentive to my lights. It’s amazing how long a baby can go without blinking! He is very calm and likes to show off his skills of crossing his feet and doing almost like dancelike moves with his arms. Very graceful! I chose the image below for the sneak peek as I love the sentimental value, as the cradle was handmade by a family member. What a precious gift! As H grows, they will be able to look back at this image and be amazed at how tiny he was when he first came home. They just grow up way too fast, so it can be easy to forget just how little they once were. Enjoy the sneak peek! Can’t wait to show the rest.

Portrait of four day old newborn boy taken by Yvonne Niemann in St. Louis.


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