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My Mom!

Last week, I was in Utah for a photography workshop and luckily, my mom came to St. Louis to help take care of my sweet lil’ Lily. It  was so nice to know that my daughter was in good hands while my husband and I were working. When I got back, my  mom showed me some of the new clothes she had bought while I was away and I offered to take some portraits of her. To be honest, I wanted these images for myself. As a little girl, I used to look at my mom’s hands in church and memorize the curves, lines and her nail beds. I would stare at her face while she took her daily afternoon naps when I was a little girl. I have always been amazed with her one green eye and one blue eye. Now that I’m older, I can really see certain traits in our appearances that are very much the same and I now wonder if I am aging like her too. Those laugh lines really do show how much joy my mom has for life and when I see the start of those same lines on my face, I don’t try to hide them, as it shows the years of laughter and happiness of my life. I find myself staring at these images of my mom, taking in those little details that tell me so many stories. Miles may keep us apart, but having images like this gives me comfort in knowing that my mom is always there for my family and me. It also gives my daughter a chance to “see” her MeMa on a daily basis!



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