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Living Happily Ever After book by Laurie Wagner, Stephanie Rausser, and David Collier

Shortly after Michael proposed to me, I received a book from some dear friends that I still cherish to this day. “Living Happily Ever After” is a book that sits on our sofa table and I like to read from time-to-time. The book features couples that share their stories of love. Some of the stories make me cry, but they all make me smile and appreciate the relationship that I have with my husband and our own love story. I’m so thankful that these couples have shared their stories and I really look up to them even though we’ve never met and I don’t know them personally. They have all had their ups and downs, but their love is everlasting and real. I find myself studying the pictures in the book  and I see the love in their eyes and body language is the same, if not stronger, now in their older age just as it was when they were younger . It’s so reassuring to know that love really can endure all. Michael and I always say that we can’t wait to grow old together and this book makes me look forward to our journey even more. I know that we’ll change in so many ways and we certainly won’t look the same, but I know that I will always recognize those eyes and I will always hold his hand and enjoy the simple things in life with him. Thank you so much Mark and Theresa for gifting me this book so many years ago. You have no idea how much this book means to me!

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