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Kauai Sunrise – Importance of Vacations

I just got back from the beautiful Hawaii island of Kauai where my husband and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. What a great way to relax and get rejuvenated! When I was in college, I worked for a wine store and the owner mentioned how important vacations were for her and her husband. She said it not only helped with their relationship, but with their businesses as well. She explained that when you schedule vacations, you have something to look forward to as well as refreshed you, so that you could work harder when you returned. Those words of wisdom stuck with me and was probably one of the most valuable lessons I learned in college. I can see why many organizations use the motto, “Work hard play hard!” I hope you are taking the time to schedule regular vacations in your life. If not, start now! I promise that it will make you happier and more productive. Until then, enjoy the image below that I took at sunrise on our last morning of our vacation at our resort at the Kauai Beach Villas in Lihue.

Kauai sunrise landscape picture taken by Yvonne Niemann Photography.

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