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Home for the Holidays

It’s been a wonderful Holiday season and it was a blessing to head back home to celebrate with family. Michael and my parents used to live in the same town, a mere mile from each other, so it used to be so easy to share family time when we’d head back to Kansas. Not the case anymore. My parents have moved on to Clinton, MO while Michael’s family still resides in the military town of Leavenworth, KS. We weren’t sure where we’d spend Christmas this year. My husband decided that we could still fit in both families, but it meant more traveling and that we’d only see one set of parents on Christmas day. I know how fortunate we are to have family close enough to visit for the Holidays and I don’t ever take it for granted. I know that not everyone gets to spend time with loved ones on special days like these. Many don’t have an option to get in a car for a road trip or board a plane to get to those that are dear to them. Even if we didn’t get to travel for the Holidays, at least I’d know that I had my husband and daughter with me to share the joy of the season. I’m so thankful for that fact. We had a great time with our families and Lily was thrilled to have Santa visit her THREE times! {What a busy man} We enjoyed the quality time we shared with those we love – singing, eating, exchanging gifts and watching movies. It may have been a short visit, but every minute was cherished and will be remembered for years to come. Hope you all had a blessed Holiday season and that the new year brings you much joy. See you in 2011!

Athens, Georgia |