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Watkinsville, GA Spring Kids Photography | In Bloom

Watkinsville Spring kids photography of a little girl in a field of flowers.

Spring is in full boom here in Georgia! This field made for the perfect spot for this little girl’s petite kids photography session in Watkinsville. This little Southern lady is about to turn four and her mom wanted to document the moment with portraits. The dress is actually a flower girl’s dress that her big sister wore a couple of years ago. Her mom really wanted portraits of her youngest daughter wearing it as she feels that it may be the only opportunity for her to wear it since it is a bit too formal for church or everyday activities. Doesn’t it photograph beautifully against the Spring greens and flowers? So pretty! Great example of what to wear for a kids photography session! Wonderful way to  make use of special sentimental pieces as well!

Miss L is such a sweet heart. She tiptoes as she walks, loves spinning, dancing, picking flowers and telling jokes. Love all the serious and happy faces she gave me last night. She is NOT a fan of bugs, but luckily there weren’t many and since we were only there for 20 minutes, it was easy to distract her when they did come around. Gotta love that! She has such a spunky personality, which I love. I am so fortunate to watch her grow through the lens of my cameras through the years. I believe the first time I photographed her, she was about nine months old! Unbelievable!

This field will be even more full of flowers in a few days. You may be able to notice the tiny buds that are just about to open, but aren’t quite there yet. Can you picture this area absolutely full of the purple and pink blooms?! Cannot wait! If you would like portrait taken with this backdrop, contact me as soon as possible. Flowers will last a few more weeks, but they won’t be around for too much longer, so don’t hesitate to get on the schedule to take full advantage of Spring’s bounty.  |  706.713.0676

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