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Oconee County High School Prom Photography

Oconee County High School Prom Photography in Bishop, GA.

Such an honor to document this sweet couple with prom photography before they headed off to Oconee County High School’s prom! LOVE their wardrobe selection. The pop of purple against the black is stunning. Love the lace dress, her carefully chosen accessories and the way she styled her hair. So pretty! Her mom made her flower arrangement and the boutonnière. I have a special fondness to calla lilies since they were my wedding flowers. I had never seen this shade before and it was such a special treat to see in her bouquet. The boutonnière is made of feathers which is a brilliant choice for a stylish guy.

I picked this particular image for their sneak peek because I love the emotion it evokes. Her natural laugh and his smile, that shows such adoration for his girlfriend, is so sweet and beautiful. It is such a special night and this image really sums up the feeling nicely.

I hope these two had a fabulous and magical evening at their prom. It is one of those milestones in life that remains etched in your memory. Such a pleasure to meet their families and to create images during this special time in their lives.

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