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Oconee County Family Photography | Country Life

I absolutely adore this family! I have been photographing them since their lil’ one was still in mom’s belly. Always an honor to be asked back time and time again for their family photography sessions.

Dr. Megan Green, horse vet and her daughter in Oconee County, GA.

I love it when families include family heirlooms in their portrait sessions. The horse above was mom’s as a little girl. Her dad made it lovingly for her and it has been passed down to this lil’ beauty. It made a debut in her newborn portraits. Such a sentimental item! It is even more fitting as they have horses of their own and mom is a horse vet herself. Such serendipity!

Family portraits taken in a barn in Oconee County.

Love how this family interacts together. They always have so much fun and I think that always comes across in their family photography sessions. They sing, dance and have tickle fights on a regular basis. In fact, this lil’ lady’s mood instantly changes depending on the song her mom is singing. When she is upset, her mom’s voice is soothing. When we need big smiles, mom’s cheerful song and clapping lights up her beautiful face. Dad gets in on the action too. He is always right there for his girls! He has a way that really shows his love and support for both of his ladies. This family sure is lucky to have each other. Cannot wait to see where life takes them. Such a great journey these three are on together!

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