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Natural Tween Boy Portrait Photography in Georgia

“Eternity is here while I was waiting for it.” ~ Albert Camus

Natural portrait photography of a tween boy in the woods of Georgia near Athens, GA.

Over the weekend, I had fun portrait photography session with this young tween boy not far from Athens, GA. This particular was very fitting for his photos as he loves spending time in the outdoors and exploring all that Mother Nature provides. I have photographed his sisters and family in the past and his mom requested a session just for her Southern boy before he turns 10. He is quite the charmer who really enjoyed being center of attention. Sometimes being the oldest and only boy among siblings can be hard, but his parents do an excellent job making each child feel special with one-on-one time where they get full attention. Not an easy feat in a family of five.

Mom did a fantastic job with his outfit. She had asked for suggestions knowing that the weather would still be a bit warm here in Georgia during this time of year. She wanted something that would work well with the surroundings, but also look good when framed and displayed on the walls with his sister’s portraits. I had sent her a few suggestions and she was able to find this great outfit that is simple, casual and timeless. He was super comfy and SO handsome. The linen top and shorts were a bit more dressier than what he wears on an every day basis, but was dressed down enough for him to still be the adventurous boy he is without being too restricted or stuffy. I love that he went barefoot really fit in with where he was and who he is as a person! Such a great example of what to wear for a tween boy’s portrait photography session.

Fall sessions are quickly filling. Only two spots left for October and handful left in November and December. If you would like to get on the calendar, don’t hesitate. Inquire today for details. Both full premium portrait sessions and petite sessions are available.  |  706.713.0676

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