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Man’s Best Friend | Defiance Pet Photographer

I met this family not too long ago when I captured their newborn daughter. I remember being so impressed by their dog. You see, I have two black labs and even though they’re up there in age, they still tend to act like puppies. Their dog wasn’t like that at all. Sure, the tail was wagging and he greeted me, but he didn’t try to jump on me or get so excited that he would knock me down {OK, my dogs don’t jump on people anymore, but they don’t know their strength and do tend to knock me down from time-to-time}. I kept commenting on how great their dog, Vader, was at the session as well as after. Shoot, I even talked to my family and friends about this dog. Yes, he made that big of an impression on me. So, it really saddened me to hear that Vader was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Having two dogs myself, I can only imagine what it would be like to go through what this family is dealing with right now – especially since they lost their other dog right after their lil’ baby girl was born. Yesterday, I had the honor of capturing Vader with his family. This session’s focus was on Vader and all his glory. Isn’t he just the most beautiful dog? For those of you with pets, make sure you give them hugs and enjoy every moment with them. I know that’s what Vader’s family is doing right now. Take care B family. I’m thinking of you.

Athens, Georgia |