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Five Benefits of In Home Baby Photography

Lifestyle in home baby photography sessions are one of my favorite ways to capture a baby’s first year milestones.

Benefits of in home baby photography

1. It is a familiar place for the baby

Being at home is a familiar and safe place for the baby, which sometimes can make things easier on the little one as well as the rest of the family. Some babies don’t like unfamiliar surroundings and may take them more time to warm up to the camera. Not as much of an issue at home. Yes, babies are aware of the camera and are quite curious with it, but they are also more easily able to forget about it as they interact with their loved ones or favorite toys. Some babies are simply just more relaxed at home.

2. Capture home life

It also allows me to capture home life as it is, which essentially freezes this time for families. Some favorite moments families like captured during in home baby photography milestone sessions include changing of clothes, feedings, bath time, bonding time in bed or a favorite nook in the house, playtime, naps and baby just being themselves in a favorite area of the home.  This is also a great way to show off all your hard work in decorating certain rooms in your home!

Athens, GA in home baby photography.

3. Ability to work around baby’s schedule easier

With in home baby photography, we are able to work around your baby’s schedule easier. As a parent, you know that everyday can be a bit different in terms of your baby’s schedule. Maybe he/she woke up later or earlier, which then changes the rest of the timing for the day. When you do a portrait session at your home, this isn’t as much of an issue as I can just capture whatever is going on once I arrived and transition into other important shots as baby is ready.

For example, when I arrived at this four month old’s portrait session, baby had just finished eating and mom was getting ready to change her. I photographed mom dressing her baby and then we went right into images of baby being herself on her parents’ bed. We then wanted to get images of the siblings, but big sister didn’t want to touch baby sister, but rather wanted to play on the bed. So, mom held baby safely and we let big sister be the star of the show for a bit. We were then able to convince her to snuggle up to her sister for those important sisters images. After all of that, it was nap time, so mom put baby to bed and I photographed sweet sleeping images. Doing their session at their home just gave us more flexibility to allow things to play out and work around what was happening that day.

lifestyle in home baby photography Athens, GA

4. No stressing about weather

With outdoor portraits, you really have to think about the weather and have backups in case things don’t go as you wish. You also have to think of the comfort of your baby and time your session accordingly. For instance, in the Summer mornings tend to be a bit cooler and in the colder months, later in the day is more ideal. Wardrobe choices will be dictated by weather as well. Maybe you may have a favorite heirloom outfit for your baby to wear, but it is more fitting for warm weather, but it happens to be cold when your session is scheduled. When you are doing an in home baby photography session, you don’t have to worry about that. You also don’t have to worry about rain, snow, heat waves, bugs, wet grass or anything else weather related.

5. More flexibility with time of session

When you are doing portraits at home, you have more flexibility in terms of when your session takes place. Your window of time is much longer as you aren’t having to schedule around when the sun rises or sets (best time of day for portraits outdoors due to the quality of light). The most harsh light outdoors is in the middle of the day, which doesn’t give the most flattering light for portraits. But, when you are indoors, you don’t have to worry about that. You could do a session at noon, if that is what is best for your baby, and you will have beautiful light! I also bring lights with me, so if your house doesn’t have the best lighting, it is never a problem. In fact, all the images shown here were taken in the middle of the day with my professional light system.


As you can see, there are many benefits to an in home baby photography session. If you would like to discuss the options and to see if a session like this would be a good fit for you, contact me via the inquire tab or send me an email directly at or call 706.713.0676. I’d love to chat and help customize your baby’s milestone session for you! Currently booking Spring portraits in the Athens, GA area.



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