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Fall Athens, GA Family Portraits

Fall family portraits in Athens, GA.

This morning’s Fall family photo session was such a delight! Weather was perfect as was the light. We started with the boys in the leaves and then headed to a different area for the rest of the family portraits. These two little men are so lucky to have each other and their dads who adore them so much. They also live in the same neighborhood as one set of grandparents, which must be such a treat for everyone!

Oldest brother is very inquisitive and likes to observe before letting loose. His little brother is quite the opposite. He is always smiling and laughing – quite the ham. The two really round each other out nicely. They are going to have so much fun together throughout life and they luckily  have such a wonderful support system to guide them through it all! Lots of adventure, fun and love with this family. What more could you ask?

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