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Mother & Daughter Newborn Photography Athens, GA

Such a beautiful mother and daughter newborn photography session. Mom chose to hold their session at their home in Athens, GA, which worked out wonderfully. It was a rainy day, which allowed this new family of three to stay cozy in their home while I came to them. I brought all the essentials, including lights. Easy and stress free for new parents.

Mother & Daughter - Newborn photography in Athens ga

Baby girl is such a dream baby. Very calm and didn’t make a peep until towards the very end when it was time for me to leave. She really enjoys being swaddled, which really worked out nicely for the sweet images mom was looking for. Love the neutral color palette mom used for her newborn session. It is always a pure and classic choice. It really keeps the focus on the baby and her mom! Perfect for a newborn photography session.

Babies are only this small for a short time. Make sure you document it while you can. The best time book a newborn photography session is during your last trimester of pregnancy. This ensures you get a spot on the calendar during those first days of your baby’s life. If your baby has already arrived, no worries. I photograph newborns at all ages. Inquire for details and to book your session. 

Children’s Christmas Photoshoot At The Georgia Club

Oh, be still my heart! This image from this children’s Christmas photoshoot is just pure heaven!!!! The light, the location, the sweetness of these sisters…. Nothing could be better.

Sisters kissing children's Christmas photoshoot at Georgia Club

I absolutely love photographing these two sisters along with their family. The first time I photographed them, the little sister was still in her mom’s belly. Now look! Can’t you just feel the love these girls have for each other?! Such a dream for any parent. I am sure they get in arguments like any sibling, but an image like this is a reminder that they truly adore and love each other. Best friends for life!

I have to mention their outfits for a moment. Such sweet classic velvet dresses that I know will become family heirlooms and passed down to their own children one day. Great classic pieces like this are always a good idea for a children’s Christmas photoshoot.

Currently booking Winter sessions through the month of February. If you aren’t already on the calendar, but would like images like this for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me as soon as possible. Happy to discuss options and all the yummy sessions details with you.  |  706.713.0676

Christmas Tree Farm Family Photography Oconee County, GA

This family photography session was a dream the other night at a local Christmas Tree Farm in Oconee County.

Christmas tree farm family photography Oconee County, GA

Weather was perfection and very comfortable. Plenty of beautiful trees to choose from to include in the background and mom did a fantastic job dressing her family for their Christmas themed family photography session! I mean…look at that tartan skirt, the classic red dress with Christmas tree detailing, the English classic style baby knit outfit and dad’s quilted vest. Perfection! Looks like something out of a British or Southern magazine. Don’t you agree?!

We started the session with big sister by herself and then we moved to this area with large trees for the family portraits. We got a ton of variety in a short time and in a small space. At the very end, we moved down by our cars where the trees are a bit smaller for the sibling images and one last set of family photography shots. It worked out great! Both girls are so well behaved and just a dream. I don’t think I heard a peep out of baby sister until the very end of their session. Very mellow baby. Lucky parents!

If you are wanting images like this for yourself, contact Athens, GA family photographers of Yvonne Niemann Photography. I’d be happy to discuss all the details and location options with you.  |  706.713.0676

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