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Athens, GA Sitting Milestone Portrait

Oh, my! This lil’ man is such a happy and delightful baby. Such a pleasure photographing him at his sitting milestone portrait session today. He has the exact same eyes as his siblings and has the most perfect round face and hair style. Isn’t he a dream?

Athens, GA sitting milestone portrait of a baby at his home in Five Points.

We got such variety today during his photo session at his home. He allowed us to change outfits three times, which is quite rare for lil’ ones his age. He is so easy going and just happy, happy, happy! No problems getting this Southern gentleman to smile for my camera. He really enjoyed his snuggle time with his brother and sisters and really liked interacting with his parents. This lil’ man’s dad came home over lunch to sneak into a few images, which I was happy was about to work out. This family is so sweet together and you can tell that they have a super tight bond and have tons of fun together. Cannot wait to see him grow and see how much more his personality develops.

This sweet baby’s mom does such a great job with outfits and I love that she uses sentimental items as well as family heirlooms for her children’s portrait sessions. I know that adds such a great element of meaningfulness to the final photographic artwork. Great way to keep those keepsakes alive and archived. Perfect example of what to wear a baby’s sitting milestone portrait.

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For tips on when the best time is to schedule your baby’s sitting milestone, there is a blog post that covers that! 

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