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Athens, GA Lifestyle Three Month Baby Milestone Photos

I absolutely love taking lifestyle three month baby milestone photos! It is such a special time in a baby’s life, but also for the parents. Babies grow way to fast and portraits like this freezes this moment in time forever. Three months is always fun as this is when little ones are more awake, alert, start having a bit more neck strength and have so many different facial expressions. My favorite, and I am sure everyone’s favorite, is that first smile! Once a baby smiles for the first time, it becomes almost a parent’s favorite pass time to get that smile to appear again and again! Every parent will remember that first smile and it is during this session when parents work really hard to get even a slight smile to appear for their portraits. It is quite infectious!

Lifestyle 3 month old baby milestone photos in Five Points Athens, GA.Lifestyle photos showing mother son  bonds  at three month milestone in Athens, GA.

You can see mom working hard here to get that smile to appear. Flying did the trick! Mom also sang a lot and there was a stuffed animal that played music and danced that brought out a smile too. Success!

Of course, I love all the inquisitive looks of a baby, especially at this age as I am sure they are still trying to figure out so much of this new crazy world at this time. I always wonder what is going on in their minds as they look into the lens of my camera.

If you are looking for portraits of your little one, don’t forget to include the three month milestone! It is such a great age to document. They are only this small once. Currently booking Winter and Spring portraits both outdoors and indoors. Book your session today! Inquire for details.  |  706.713.0676

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